John Kohlenberger

IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE! – All wholeness, health and healing comes from the presence of unconditional love. This is what I channel.

Rev. John M. Kohlenberger has been a student of the Divine since age 14. Since the he has become a scientist, engineer, professional artist, computer programmer, metaphysician, student of the Tao, a Spiritualist minister, earned a degree as a holistic health practitioner (HHP), licensed in California before coming to Arizona.  John is now a hospice volunteer, a facilitator of light and love and author of It’s All about LOVE!

Love exists in, around and within all life and people throughout the multiverses. As such, love is the divine elixir for creation and restoration of any and all forms of wholeness. You are invited to experience the feeling of the energy of hands-on healing with the light of love.

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