Lana Ante

Rev. Lana V. Ante, BSW, has been involved with spiritual evolvement for about 50 years.  After working in corporate America for 20 years, she decided helping people set themselves free was how she wanted to spend the rest of her life.  At least, this time around!

Lana completed her degree at San Diego State University (SDSU), with a degree in social work.  She worked for many years in the field of chemical dependency, and with families. She loved her clients and patients, but felt that the “system” was not offering them a way to set themselves free, really free.

Blessed with an inner ability since childhood, to communicate with angels and the Creator, the Great I Am presence, first through her “spiritual guidance,” and then via her own “Higher Self,” Lana decided to alter her path.  She wanted to work more within the spiritual aspect of personal growth, and understanding.  Being a Leo, and thus, somewhat a “hopeless romantic,” Lana is drawn to helping people who come to her, work through difficult times in relationships, both with significant others and with themselves.  She has the gift of being able to explain complicated concepts in every day terms.  This is a skill she has worked on for many years.  Developing this skill of translating what she receives for clients, into a way they can understand, and most of all, use, is very important to her.  After all, if the information isn’t practical and applicable, what’s the point?  In order to assist her clients, the services Lana provides are:

  • Empathic and Intuitive Counseling
  • Relationship counseling
  • Past life insights
  • Life contract evaluation and explanation
  • Ministerial services (weddings, commitment ceremonies, and memorial services)
  • Intuitive palmistry
  • Aura cleansing techniques
  • Release of spiritual attachments
  • Classes and workshops

Rev. Lana is available by appointment and is located near downtown Prescott, AZ, in the tall pines. 

Telephone readings are available.  

Rev. Lana V. Ante, BSW
Mountain Light Sanctuary
P. O. Box 1923
Prescott, AZ  86302


Email:  [email protected]