Lewis Tucker

Lewis Tucker has been an explorer and seeker for most of his life. He has traveled paths of light as well as paths of darkness. For many years, he suffered a case of “mistaken identity.” Having taken on the judgments of others, he saw himself as lacking, inadequate and separate from the divine. He tried to make himself whole by filling up with anything and everything. He used drugs, alcohol, relationships, money, work, religion, sex, food and found that none of it would fill what he identified as a hole within.

Fortunately, The Divine Spark within him did not go out. He began to see that he was never lacking. The Divine always lived within him.
He began to travel a path of self-discovery. Self-help programs, therapy and a lot of loving accepting people helped him shed the identity of others and express his authenticity.

He has been on this path for many years. He became an alcohol/drug counselor in 1984 and began guiding and supporting others since then. He was certified as a Reiki Practitioner in 1994 and has studied many other healing modalities since 1991. He also uses crystals and minerals to support healing and centering of individuals and groups.

His offerings include spiritual and emotional guidance, remote and hands on energy work. He offers consultations on the many uses of crystals for grounding, centering, healing and creating sacred space.

Email: [email protected]