Mile High Mystics
Saturday, February 15 2020
Presented in the Garden Room @ the Hassayampa Hotel
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about getting to the workshop location)

10:00am  – Suandra Newberry 

2020 a Year like no Other

2019 Ended with a Solar Eclipse on Christmas evening. This also ended a year of planetary energy that worked to prepare us for the major influences happening throughout 2020. This year began with a Lunar Eclipse on Jan 10th followed two days later by a major pile up of 5 planets that included the meeting of Saturn and Pluto which only happens every 32-34 years. Join Suandra to gain insights into how to take advantage of these influences to create the best life possible.

11:00am – Stacey Ferrell

How to heal using crystals

Crystals aren’t just for looking pretty. They can assist you in many facets of your life such as prosperity, love, protection, grief and physical healing. In this introductory workshop, we will explore how to use crystals to heal your body, mind and spirit.

12:00pm – Sunny Moosesteps

Audience Reading

Sunny will relate messages to participating individuals from the audience who are open to receive them. Due to time constraints and number of participants, not every attendee will receive a message, but YOU may be the one who does!

1:00pm – James Knochel

Necessary Steps To Try to Save Canada

If global warming comes about, as we are constantly told by the media, Canada is sitting pretty: longer growing seasons -> more food -> cheaper food -> prosperity. They might have to move inland a little, but that problem is minor in comparison to their eternal struggle against the cold.

But there’s another possibility. If a volcano goes off, or the climate alarmists are wrong, a lot of Canadians will want to move south.

This talk will cover some simple steps we can take to ease Canada’s possible future predicament, and which are probably worth doing regardless of who’s correct on the direction of the changes in Planet Earth’s constantly changing climate.

2:00pm – John Kohlenberger

Mystical Teachings in our 3 Western Religions

3:00pm – Dr. Rain Morgan

 Find or grow your psychic abilities

We are all blessed with some measure of intuitive ability! Let’s expand them…….