Mile High Mystics
Saturday, November 2nd 2019
Presented in the Garden Room @ the Hassayampa Hotel
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about getting to the workshop location)

10:00am  – TBA


11:00am – TBA


12:00pm – DeeDee Freeman

 Shamanic Journeying
Ever wonder what the difference is between a drum circle and a journey circle? For thousands of generations, the rhythm of the drum has been used to tap into the subconscious and “journey” to our Collective Consciousness. DeeDee will give an overview of shamanic journeying process, followed by a short “journey” to her drum beat for information and healing. Join her for a fun, informative and insightful experience!

1:00pm – Dr. Rain Morgan

Find or grow your psychic abilities

We are all blessed with some measure of intuitive ability!! Let’s expand them…

2:00pm – John Kohlenberger

An Introduction to Mystical Traditions in the West

Mystical experiences and practices-including visions, communication with the divine, intense spiritual quests, and hermetic lifestyles-are commonly associated with Eastern cultures. They are thought to be far removed from the monotheistic traditions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. But are they?

A mystic himself, John Kohlenberger will introduce you to his 2020 Prescott OLLI Class, at Yavapai College, covering the many faces of mysticism, from renowned scholars to simple people striving for personal enlightenment, throughout the centuries. In this introduction we will contemplate questions about the nature of mysticism itself: How are we to understand mysticism-as literally true, as poetically true, or as a delusion?

3:00pm – TBA